Application Process

We are always looking for new research members at B.A.Sc., M.Eng., M.A.Sc., and Ph.D. levels. We are also looking for new research staff members including Postdoctoral and Research Associates. Candidates are asked to email us, in a single PDF file, the following documents: 1) detailed portfolio, resume, or curriculum vitae (CV) including publications list and previous research experience, 2) a statement describing their motivation, research interests, and foreseen fit into our group, 3) transcripts of their previous undergraduate and/or graduate degrees (this does not need to be official), and 4) up to 3 previous publications such as articles in refereed journals, conference papers, presentations, theses, assignments, or reports. In addition, the title of the candidates' email would contain the desired degree or position, the previous post graduate institutions where their degrees were obtained, and the number of papers published in indexed journals by Scientific Journal Ranking (SJR) SCImago only. For instance, a candidate willing to join the AIR lab as a Ph.D. student, graduated from Tehran University (B.A.Sc.) and Sharif University (M.A.Sc.), with 4 SJR-indexed journal publications, would put in the email title: Ph.D. - U Tehran (B.A.Sc.) - Sharif U (M.A.Sc.) - 4. At the same time, applicants are required to apply to the graduate and postdoctoral studies program of the University of Guelph via the following link. Applicants who wish to apply for scholarships, can check the funding section of this website and prepare the scholarship application separately.

Applying to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at the University of Guelph