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PPE Practice Mobile Application - App in preparation for Professional Practice Exam (PPE) toward Professional Engineer and other Licences administered by the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)

PPE Practice Mobile Application is aiming to prepare candidates for the Professional Practice Exam (PPE), a prerequisite for the Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) licence or any other licences that are administered by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). For more information on the exam, please visit http://www.peo.on.ca.

This Mobile Application is designed to significantly reduce exam preparation time by focusing on only the important definitions that have historically appeared in the past exams and/or have been frequently repeated in the materials referenced by PEO. In addition, this app provides candidates with a bank of recent and past exams to give them an edge to benchmark and test their progress during the study; all the solutions to these exams are also provided.

In this Mobile Application, two study methods are suggested: Structured and Random. In the Structured method, study materials are presented in coherence with the PEO's references, whereas, in the Random method, contents are presented in a more random fashion. The exams provided may also be studied in a sequential or in a random order.

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. . . Makes everything easier: very good app that can be used anywhere, good for engineers like me who don't like to sit and read for a long time . . .

. . . Thank you so much! my PPE exam went very well thanks to your past exams and solutions! . . .

. . . I came across this app. It is very well organized and the exam collection helped me a lot. It reduced my study time and improved my knowledge at the same time. Strongly recommend it to everyone writing the exam because you can ace it without spending a hefty money for courses . . .